films / tv / MEDIa

Waiting Room (Short film) - by ShadowDog Productions

Dr Glove's Evil Review (Web series) - keikoandgilly

Dark delivery (Short film) - by Charlie-Michael Pope

Modern Crime (Short film) - by Nathan Williams

Dungeons & Dragons: Storm King's Thunder (TV series) theme - Encounter Roleplay

Alone at Night (Short film) - ImaginationFilmz

The Ultimate Mattress (Product Commercial) - SleepOvation

Crunchy Queer (Podcast) - Grumpy bluebird

Last One In (Zombie Card Game Trailer) - by Mark Taylor

The 4th Circle (Magic Show) - Amazing Stace

Unknown Whisper (Podcast) - Unknown Whisper


Gaming / YT Channels

The Loading Crew - Animation Theme Tune

No Shoes Gaming - Intro & Outro

The Signal 42 - Podcast Intro

Character Design Forge - Intro

Nathan's Narrations - Theme 

 The Stone Zone - Intro

The Pensky File - Star Trek Podcast Series Themes 

Steiny75 - Gaming Channel Intro

NeedtoKnow Gaming - Trailer & Channel Intro

The Nerd Syndicate - Intro & Outro

Cheddar McDoogle - Welcome Gamers Theme

Penny Bowtie - Podcast Outro




Video Games

Power Pool Slam OST - Chequered Cow Games

PupQuest - Mark Davies

The Mystic Tales: Heaven's Parasite OST (Visual Novel) - Mandrill Maniac

MagiCatfe - Cat Bean Studio

Foodie Trucks - Durham Games

Dead End OST - Sophie Holden

Phantasmagia (RPG) - Phantasmagia

Firstborn (Turn-based strategy game) - Elston Studios

Cyclocube (3D Puzzle Game) - Chequered Cow Games

Neveryear's Cord - Sencil Sketches

Underworld OSTRavensbard Studios

Arty Swirly Colourful OSTOwl Sanctuary Studios

Indie Developer Survival - Fairy Axe 

The Whaler - Trym Studios

Crumbling Towers - Scintilla Arts

Tank Tank Rush - 

Warenel OST (RPG) - Quinton Studios

Revere (JRPG)Strashiner Studios 

Shakey's Escape OSTSmashing Pixels

Vito Jump 'n' Roll -

Arcadium OST - Gedor Games

Warpy Castle OST - Thumbyte Game Studio

One Button Laser Shark - Burning Neuron Interactive 

Bionicle - Fragaty Studios

Pen Pineapple - Maron Games Studio

MaresiasÉrico V. Porto

Solar System - Adam Bielecki

Musicals & Sheet music

You're a Real Character, Matt

Play with music by Tom Mach

Stargazing (The Musical) 

By Jessica Nichols - Stargazing the Musical

The Light & the Dark (Sheet music)

Full sheet music set & audiostory - by Ninichi & Xelafish

Bluebird Intro & Outro (Sheet music)

Appalachian inspired folk music for dulcimer - for Grumpy bluebird