She is a talented composer creating bespoke music for:

She also offers royalty free music available to license now & use in indie games, films & other multimedia projects.

Ninichi is a British & Thai composer born & based in the UK.  She has a 'gift for melody' and for creating memorable tunes for video games, film & other media.

She specialises in video game music but also enjoys creating music for films, TV / web series, commercials and more.

Ninichi works with a range of indie game studios including Ravensbard, Smashing Pixels, Owl Sanctuary StudiosChequered Cow GamesQuinton Studios, as their freelance game music composer. She is also the founder of Ninichi & Xelafish, a London-based music publishers specialising in fantasy sheet music and audio stories. 

Her music soundtracks have featured in several indie games including Warenel (RPG), Revere (JRPG)Vito Jump'n'roll, Shakey's Escape, Power Pool Slam (coming soon on Nintendo 3DS) & Tank Tank Rush. Ninichi's compositions also help to set the scenes in indie films Dark Delivery, The Waiting Room & Alone at Night (see her full list of credits here). 

Ninichi studied music at the Royal College of Music (RCM), London and was a founding member of the Royal Thai Music Circle, London. She started the violin at the age of 3, piano at age 4 and the Thai gong circle at age 7. 

What people say...

'Fantastic...just fantastic! That is superb quality. Thank you for this, seriously! I didn't expect the song to match so well with the theme of the show. It makes it much more mysterious as it will foreshadow something dark & sinister.'

- Moh Al Qassemi (Dungeons & Dragons Tv series)

'Ninichi is friendly & easy to work with. She will experiment with different music styles to meet the needs of your project. She's very good at what she does, is easy to get hold of & quick to respond, & produces results in a timely manner. Great experience overall!'

- Dawn & Niko, (NeedtoKnow Gaming)


'Besides from her ability to make excellent tracks that have fitted my game perfectly, ninichi's warm and friendly personality have made her really easy to talk to and it's something that I really appreciate about her!'

- William Palma (Gedor Games)

'Ninichi was fantastic to work with, and her skills spread across much more than being a wonderful musician. Ninichi is an efficient and careful team player, with a distinct ability to maintain very good communications easily in her stride.'

- Burning Neuron (Game developer)