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Are you looking for music for your short film, tv series or media project? Do you want some original and bespoke music created specifically for you? If so, I can help. (Check out various examples of my work below)

If you need something atmospheric, reflective or epic & cinematic and if you’re happy with virtual orchestras – I’m the composer for you!

Short Film exampleS…

Warmth (a heartwarming story) 

Working with Ninichi was fantastic! She was very quick & informative with her responses & I was impressed with the speed at which she composed the music I commissions.

All the right moods were hit. The ‘Saving Clara’ theme gets me involuntarily clenching my teeth with worry during the final scene. Exactly the feeling I wanted the audience to experience. Thanks to her. I was able to finally wrap up a project that I had been putting together, on & off for 3 years.

Curiosity Killed (fun murder mystery)

NINICHI has been incredibly understanding, professional, responsive, and an all around very pleasant person to work with!

Her ability to use different styles of music is impressive, and she was very thorough in making sure she understood what kinds of moods I wanted and was constantly communicating along the way.

I would definitely work with her again if I end up making another film.

Dark Delivery (Horror)

NINICHI’s score strikes chords with every emotion, from edge of your seat to oh my god! I cannot wait to work with her again on many future projects.

She is an incredibly talented & gifted human being. I’m so happy to have been able to work with her. I’d say do yourself a favour & get in touch with her now! You will not be disappointed.

Waiting Room (Drama)

In my 13 years of Directing, Producing & Editing 10 feature & 17 short films, I’ve worked with many composers. None have impressed me more than NINICHI.

She’s fast on the turnaround, she compliments the action on screen without overwhelming it, but where she really excels is her preparation BEFORE starting. Comprehensive questions, back & forth with the producer & contemplation allow her to start a project 10 steps ahead of other composers. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s my first choice with anything I work on from this point forward.

Cirque du Mors (Fantasy / Circus / Horror)

NINICHI was the perfect fit & final piece of the puzzle! I remember going to her website & I instantly knew she would be exactly what the film needed.

Apart from her amazing talent the genuine interest & excitement she showed towards the project reinvigorated my own excitement. The way she was able to help me shape my vision & express my story in a whole new way was wonderful & astonishing to experience

Game Flow (Documentary)

Ninichi’s portfolio really stood out, both because of her talent in general, and her obvious familiarity and skill with chiptunes and game music.

Working with NINICHI was amazing! I had never had the opportunity to work directly with a composer before on one of my own films, so that was exciting in itself. NINICHI made the process really easy, and was very receptive to my input and feedback. I really think that the music she composed makes the film more powerful. It’s also totally stuck in my head all the time now!
— Emily Crawford | Director, Producer and Editor

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