Ninichi & Xelafish (N&X)


Ninichi and Xelafish ( is a fantasy-themed sheet music publishing house offering original and fun music collections for Violin, Violin duet and Piano.

It is a collaboration between Ninichi (, the composer, and Xelafish (, a talented writer and multimedia creative, who’s joint mission is to bring engaging and inspiring music, in a new and imaginative way, to the world!

We came together through our love of music, magic and mystery and through our enjoyment of playing the violin and piano. We discovered that we especially enjoyed music with a folk-fantasy or mystical-melodic edge, but that this kind of music seemed hard to come by. We also found that there was not much out there that felt fun and quirky or that enticed the imagination quite like what we began to create together. This was the start of the Ninichi and Xelafish story and one that we invite you to help us build out further…

The Ninichi and Xelafish sheet music shop is set in an alternate reality 1890, where magic is cast not through spoken word spells or incantations but through Melodic Enchantments played on musical instruments. There is much to explore in this world for both musicians and non-musicians alike and we welcome all who appreciate music and magic, to join us!

Support our Indiegogo Campaign!

Our crowdfunding campaign launches on 7th OCTOBER 2019 and we’re really excited to share our first sheet music collection with you!

‘The Light and The Dark’ will be available in Piano Solo, Violin and Piano, and Violin Duet arrangements in both print and PDF form, along with a complete narrated audiostory that goes with each music collection. There will also be a live EP, posters, artwork, tuning forks and a wealth of other rewards and surprises to explore!

Join us on our journey here:

Twitter: @NinichiXelafish / Facebook: @NinichiXelafish / Instagram: @NinichiAndXelafish

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