Here is Ninichi’s released music, available to download and listen to via all major platforms:

Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Google play music, Tidal, Deezer.



Dark Delivery OST

A collection of 7 original, haunting tracks created for the horror short film, Dark Delivery. Released 2nd Sept 2019.


Chiptune City

A 16 track compilation album full of fun and uplifting original chiptune-inspired tracks by Ninichi. Recently released 5th August 2019.

Mini Hospital OST

A relaxing, jazzy original game music soundtrack for the tycoon-style game Mini Hospital.

Shakey’s Escape OST

The original game music soundtrack to the cat adventure game Shakey's Escape.

Cirque du Mors OST

The original soundtrack to Cirque du Mors, a fantasy-horror short film full of mystery, magic and survival.