Fantasy Atmospheres 2

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Fantasy Atmospheres 2


FANTASY ATMOSPHERES 2 – is a collection of 4 ethereal game music tracks (and a follow on from FANTASY ATMOSPHERES 1), perfect for creating a calming and magical atmosphere in your game. All tracks loop and are of varying lengths to offer variety of use across your game.  A shorter bonus track (0:37) is included and can be used for shorter game scenes or levels.

Music Tracks:

  1. Flowers in Spring (0:58)

  2. Transient (2:49)

  3. Whisperine (1:26)

  4. Wonderous (3:30)

Bonus Track:

  • Twilight Expression (0:37)

Format: mp3 

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Tags: Atmospheric | Ambient | Ethereal | Royalty Free Music | Game Music | Fantasy Music | RPG | Soundtrack

Please mention Ninichi if you use this music in your project.Follow her @ninichimusic

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