Chiptune Pack (Music Pack)

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Chiptune Pack (Music Pack)


Chiptune Pack – is a collection of 5 great 8-bit style game music tracks perfect for video games. There are also 3 bonus mini-tracks/stings included which can be used as opening themes or for shorter game levels or other key moments in the gameplay.

Music tracks:

  1. Tropics (1:36)
  2. Chip Heaven (0:40)
  3. 8bit Sea Breezing (1:18)
  4. 8bit Flowers (0:56)
  5. 8bit Innocence (1:12)

Bonus tracks:

  • Chippytune (0:25)
  • Outer Space (0:30)
  • Happy Chippy (0:24)

Format: mp3 and wav

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Please mention Ninichi if you use this music in your project.

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