Retro Rush (Music Pack)

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Retro Rush (Music Pack)


RETRO RUSH – is a collection of 5 amazing retro or arcade-style game music tracks perfect for puzzle, brick and paddle, or racing games. A bonus intro sting with 3 different variations is included and is perfect for menus, ending credits, shorter/transition levels.

Track List: 

  1. Kinetica (1:01)
  2. Mr Wobble (0:55)
  3. Ascension (1:17)
  4. Crystique (0:48)
  5. Zetra (0:58)

Bonus stings – 3 versions: 

  1. Retro Intro (long version) 0.27
  2. Retromania (short version 1) 0.16 
  3. Retromania (short version 2) 0.13 

Format: mp3 and wav

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Please mention Ninichi if you use this music in your project.Follow her @ninichimusic

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