Introducing the game: Binary Sparks

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To start off my blog, I would like to introduce a brand new and very exciting game called Binary Sparks – created by Amber Crown Games.

I was delighted to have connected with Robin Andblom, the brains behind Binary Sparks, and to have this opportunity to gain some real insight into the game.  Read my interview with him to learn more about Binary Sparks:

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What inspired you to create Binary Sparks?

'When I played a unique puzzle game called The Witness, a feeling of creativity grew in me. I wanted to make a cool puzzle game with unusual game mechanics. I started off with low-poly models, very like the ones in The Witness. After a while of brainstorming my mind automatically went back to my favourite game Portal. One great inspiration from Portal was the feeling of a stranger environment, where nothing reminds of the real world. I tried to achieve this feeling in Binary Sparks as well.'

What is the game about?

'The game is about a stranger futuristic solar system called the 9th dimension where bots feeding on sparks and sallad live. You control a bot named B.O.B (Binary Organized Bot). The main goal is to bring all contacts to their corresponding plugins. A contact can only be inserted to a plugin with the same color as itself. To reach all contacts, the player has to use different switches and objects to control and manipulate the weather, electricity and dimension shifts.'

What makes it fun to play?

'I think the most exciting thing about the game is that I don’t explain too much about the game mechanics. The player must find out what different type of objects are and what they do by him/herself.'

Tell us about the music in the game…

Binary spark-indie game

'The music is made by me and a person named Ross Terry. We wanted the music to sound eerie and ambient to create a feeling of space, emptiness and calmness. We made the music using different sound mixing softwares.

Music is very important in games. It’s a way to create a feeling about a virtual place that is hard to believe in without music. The music can make the player focus more because the music might tell the player what he/she is ”supposed” to feel, like a spiritual setting for a virtual place. The music in my game is important because it makes the simulation of vastness and emptiness more clear than it would’ve been without music.'

How do you want people to feel when they play and/or see your game?

'It might sound like I brag, but I always had a hard time coming up with something really new and interesting, and I think I managed to do so in this game. Therefore, I want people to think ”wow” and feel curious. I want them to feel curious and explore like they would’ve done if they were in the 9th dimension in real life.'

Binary Sparks is available on a number of indie game sites and will soon be released on Steam. It was released on 15th August and you can view the demo here or here to take a look at the game.

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