5 Reasons to hire a composer for your game or project

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Do you need some music for your game, film or media project? You may be at that key stage of weighing up your options, contacting music composers and/or exploring music production libraries online. I've been composing for a while now and have supported many indie game developers and indie filmmakers with their projects - and so I understand some of the dilemmas that you may be tackling. If you want to chat about it, I'd be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact me to explore working together and your options further.

Whatever you decide to do, I would urge you to consider your options carefully and to take your time over deciding which way to go since the music to any project is often a really valuable and integral part to it - and so it's important to get it right. In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why hiring a composer for your game or project is a great idea... 

1. Make a real impact

Stock music has its uses but it can be difficult to find music that really fits different parts of your gameplay – in terms of length, style and consistency throughout the game.  As someone progresses through the different elements that you have created, make sure that the music reflects and support these so that what you’ve put together creates the experience and makes the impact that you would hope for. (See my article on: Pros & Cons of Using Royalty Free Music in Games)

2. Be memorable

You will also want your game to stand out. Having a great game music soundtrack can help you to achieve this.  Memorable melodies stay in people’s mind and what that means is that your game will stay in their minds for longer. Don’t skimp out on the music as it is often one of the most powerful elements of the gameplay experience. It will help your game to come together and to create a lasting impact with your audience. Have a listen to some of my game music soundtracks to give you some ideas.

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3. Be part of the process

By working with a composer, you are in the driving seat for the creation of the music for your game (or other project). You can give an indication of the real style, mood and feeling that you’re looking for and you can make sure that the soundtrack comes out exactly as you want it.  You can be as involved with the creative process as you want to be, which is very different to browsing through thousands of tracks searching for something which may or may not be vaguely in line with what you have in mind for your game.

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4. Save time

Once you have found a composer that you trust, respect and feel happy working with, you can set the timeline and deadlines for the music. You don’t need to waste time searching through catalogues of music, trying to find something you like. However, make sure that the composer you've chosen work with is a good one!

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5. You deserve the best

Your project – whether it’s a game, film, visual novel or anything else – it has been put together, skilfully crafted, engineered and coordinated all from your hard work, expertise and determination. You’ve given your time and energy to this project, so don’t sell yourself short by cutting corners and choosing cheap music. Your game deserves the very best so take your time to find and create the right music to showcase it to the world. Don't be afraid to get in touch with me now to explore your options (contact me).

About the author: Ninichi is an experienced game music and film music composer. She creates music in a range of styles and has worked on numerous games and films supporting indie game developers and indie film makers with their projects. 

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