Introducing the Game: Unnamed Fiasco

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As a music composer, I've worked on a number of really interesting indie games. I'm also a supporter of indie games generally and was delighted when I connected with Giancarlo Taveira, the creator of Unnamed fiasco to ask him about his game...

Who came up with the name Unnamed Fiasco? 

'The name came up during a brainstorm session. As you can tell, it sounds like the name of a Spaghetti Western movie.'

What was the thinking behind this and your game? 

'We tried to present the players with characters that are very different from the mainstream and cliché games. We achieved that by setting an old lady with a moustache as one of the playable characters. Other characters include a fiercing bull, a lucha-libre baby fighter, a hipster robot and a charming bull fighter.'

What was it like developing the game?

'It was hard work but also a great pleasure. We had weekly meetings to review our tasks, set goals for the next week but we always played the game together to test and ended up having a great time!'

What was the process like & what were you biggest challenges?

'The development team was composed of four people, and each of us had very little time to work on the game since we all were either working or finishing post-graduate studies. Even so, we were very committed to finishing this project and always made sure we were moving forward each week. I believe our biggest challenge during development was to force ourselves to stop adding more and more features and to agree that "it's ready to launch!"'

Tell us about the soundtrack

'The Unnamed Fiasco soundtrack is one of the highlights of the game! We decided that the soundtrack should have a sort of mexican rhythm to match the visual style of the game. It is very catchy, upbeat and really adds to the feel and visual of the game. The music also gives you energy as well as a sense of rush and challenge!'

What are you most proud of in the game & why should we play it?

'The game is super fun to play with friends! All of us have made several games in the past years but Unnamed Fiasco is the first game that we have had the satisfaction to watch other people play live and the feedback is always great!'

It is a very fun experience to play Unnamed Fiasco sitting on the couch with your friends and/or family. Elbow pushing and disconnecting other people's controllers are considered valid strategies to win a match! The game also features the "Minute Madness" mode, which increases replayability by enabling match modifiers such as low/high gravity, inverted controls, grenade rain and much more. How awesome is that?'

Your game has already been released, so how is it doing and how can we get it? 

'The game has just been released on Steam and XBox One. So far, the game has received positive reviews on Steam and has been reviewed on several gaming blogs. For an indie game with zero marketing budget, we are always working to get more exposure to the game and working to make sure more people get to play and have fun with Unnamed Fiasco!'

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