Ninichi & Xelafish: Thoughts from the Composer


Ninichi and Xelafish is a brand new fantasy sheet music store which I’m really excited to tell you more about. A few weeks ago, I introduced this collaborative project to you in my blog: Introducing Ninichi and Xelafish - A Fantasy Sheet Music Store.

Today I will try to offer you my perspective on where this magical music store has come from and what we’re trying to do with it…

What is Ninichi & Xelafish all about for you?


‘I have always wanted to create music that others can thoroughly enjoy. Music is something that I believe everyone can connect with in some way but that as an industry perhaps we haven’t helped to bridge that gap enough yet and to make music truly accessible to all.

I’ve had a lot of musical training compared to many people but still I’ve found it difficult to find music that is easy to pick up and play without hours and hours of practise, and that is also enjoyable, expressive and inspiring.

As a composer, I want players to be able to pick up a piece of music first time and to play it – and I mean really play it. Escape into another world, let their imaginations run free for a while and to enjoy wherever the music takes them.’

Tell us about the music…

‘The music created for N&X is designed to be playable by any musical enthusiast. It’s not meant to be easy and it’s not meant to be hard. We want those who have had some musical training to be able to harness this and to really enjoy it.

I also want players to be able to harness and appreciate their own musical training and to feel special and skilled at playing their chosen instrument(s). I want them to be able to play their hearts out and to go on a magical journey with us and the music.

Another aspect, which is important, is the duo/duet format. It’s a fun way for people to enjoy playing music together but it has perhaps been neglected or hasn’t been given the attention that it deserves. In our Violin Duets and Violin & Piano collections, the idea is to offer both players equal amounts of enjoyment, challenges and inspiration through the music.  Neither part is meant to dominate the other but instead both support each other, both are equally important and they are designed to have to work together to bring out the various melodies and musical journeys.’

What’s the connection with magic?


‘To me, music is magical! It can take you to places you’ve never been before, it can lift your spirits both high and low and much much more! For me the connection between music and magic just makes sense. However on another level, it’s also our way of building that closer connection to the music.

Each collection of music that we release along with each individual piece will have it’s own story and characters associated with it. All sit within the magical world of N&X and as our music evolves, so will our characters and stories. 

We hope to bring something a bit different to the market and to offer something that all music and magic enthusiasts (musicians or not), can enjoy.’

Is there anything for non-musicians?


‘Absolutely! Whether you’re a musician or not, we want to show you how fun and inspiring music & the world of N&X can be! We have our narrated story for The Light and the Dark, we plan on recording a Live EP, we will be continuing to build out our magical world, and there’s already a range of N&X merchandise in the works - from book-lights, tuning forks through to ancient clocks. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us on our journey and to support our campaign.’ 

What are you hoping to achieve from this?

‘Ultimately, I would love to bring big smiles to people’s faces. I want the joy of music to be a part of everyone’s world. I want people to see the magic in what we are creating and to be a part of it. 

My dream is for my music & the N&X world to live on, beyond me, and to eventually find a life of it’s own!’

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, see

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About the author: Ninichi is a freelance composer for video games, film and media. She is also the founder of Ninichi & Xelafish, a London-based music publishers specialising in fantasy sheet music and audio stories.

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