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I'm excited to have connected with Chris Cunningham - an enthusiastic game developer (also known as @KreeDiddy) with many games now to his name but today we're focusing getting to know Chris a little bit better and asking him to tell us about one particular game Quick Cube...

Who are you and how did you get into game development? 

'My name is Chris Cunningham and I've been programming and playing games for a long time, but mostly as a hobby. About 2 years ago, a friend introduced me to Unity and I started developing with more confidence. Now, I have released several games and have more in development.'

What do you like about it? 

'Game development requires many different skillsets, and I love art and technology, so it's kind of a natural fit for me I think. It's also rewarding when people like my work and support it.'

Tell us about your game to us and how you play it

'Quick Cube is a small game where the player races through maze-like levels. It's played using only the arrow keys. Obstacles are generated randomly and levels increase in length and difficulty as you play. It's about speed and coordination - patience and determination.' 

How did this game come about? 

'It started as an experiment. I was learning how to create controls, and how to generate game objects - basic things like that. The original concept was actually for a memorization game, then it evolved into more of a racing game.'

Can you describe the game development process you went through?

'Lots of experimenting, off and on, for several months. I just kept adding to it, tweaking settings and ideas here and there. I attempted several different art styles, eventually landing on something that is retro and colourful.'

Tell us about the music 

'I made the music using FL Studio. The theme is meant to be energetic and unique. I'm not a great musician, but I think it's fitting for an experimental game like this.

In Quick Cube, the screen fx pulsate along with the music, like a visualizer! Music is super important. I'd much rather have a professional do the music, but it wasn't in the budget for this small project.'

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