Introducing the Game: Lullaby Gardens


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Discover the exciting new game Lullaby Gardens, recently on Kickstarter! I'm happy to share my exclusive interview with the makers of this beautifully crafted game at Dadai Studios...

What is the concept and thinking behind this game? How do you play the game?

'Lullaby Gardens is a shopkeeper/farm simulation RPG (role-playing game). The player starts the game with a house and a small shop. To attract villagers, the shop has to be supplied with merchandise, which can be acquired through various professions. The player can become a farmer, a miner, a fisherman, a fighter or a beekeeper, to name a few. The game is designed to offer a lot of liberty, so each person can live the way they want to in Lullaby Gardens.

Lullaby Gardens is inspired by games such as Harvest Moon, Fantasy Life and Recettear. We’ve picked the main element of those games and mixed them together to create a rich village life simulation.'

Can you describe the settings and scenes within the game?

'Lullaby Gardens is set in cute village by the sea. The buildings are designed so the villagers are always visible, even in their shop, which create a lively atmosphere. The color palette and art style of the main areas promote a peaceful and cheerful setting for the player to relax. In contrast, the additional areas to explore such as the sewers, the caves and a deep forest feature a more adventurous atmosphere.'

Who was involved in developing the game and what have been the highlights in your journey?

'There is currently 3 persons working on Lullaby Gardens. We’re all studying different sphere of game development, and each of us bring a unique skillset to Lullaby Gardens. Our team consist of a programmer, a 3D artist and a 2D artist. We’ll also start to work with a composer in a few months.'

What are your plans for the music & what's your vision for this?

'We will start working with a composer after our Kickstarter. We are very excited to add a member to our team and enhance Lullaby Gardens atmosphere with a beautiful soundtrack.

We want the soundtrack to follow the game setting, which is designed to relax and captivate the player in our world. Some tracks will also be more lively during the combats and exploration parts of the game to harmonize the player’s actions and feelings to the soundtrack. Some of the Legend of Zelda’s soundtrack are part of our inspiration for Lullaby Gardens.'

When will you be launching your Kickstarter & why should we support you?

'We have recently launched our Kickstarter and would really appreciate your support.

You should support us if you are excited to play Lullaby Gardens and want to join us in the adventure! We love this game and are really eager to share it with our community.'

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