Introducing the Game: Stones Throw

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I'm delighted to have Chris Cunningham (@Kreediddy) back again to feature another one of his games Stones Throw...
Describe your game to us and how you play it? 

'In "Stones Throw", you skip stones across water to hit targets. Its a casual game similar to golf that features beautiful environments with relaxing music & sound fx. It has simple point-and-click controls so it's easy to learn and play.'
That sounds lovely! What made you want to build this? 

'I wanted to make something in the spirit of classic golf games, but with a different twist. So, I reversed the rules... instead of playing on land you play on water. While brainstorming, I had memories of skipping stones across water and thought that would be an interesting concept for a game. It's also a nice break from the fast-paced action games and brain-wrenching puzzle games I often play. In Stones Throw you can relax and enjoy the view while playing at your own pace.'
What was the development process like for you?

'The development process was fairly smooth. The stone-skipping physics were probably the most challenging part. The whole project took several months to complete. It was a constant work-in-progress, until I reached a point where I felt like it was polished enough to release.'

What did you do for the game music and how important is music in games do you think? 

'I tried to make the music myself but I needed something that sounded more professional. So, I searched online and found some royalty-free music to use.
I think music is extremely important in video games. In Stones Throw, it sets the mood and atmosphere for the game. In dull moments it keeps the player interested. Although my game had no funding, I knew good music would be worth the purchase.'
To find out more about Chris and his game Stones Throw visit his website. To purchase Stones Throw and play it now visit

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