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Who are you and how long have you been interested in games?

'I have played video games my entire life. I had a rough childhood growing up and games were always my escape. I would put hours and hours into the games I played and always pushed myself to accomplish as much as I could in one game. It wasnt just about beating the game to me. I enjoy getting lost in the game as Im sure most gamers could agree!'

What made you decide to set up The Stone Zone & where has the name of your channel come from? 

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'The channel name kind of originated from a couple different things. First off, my name is Preston which growing up my family always joked around and called me "Prestone" or "Stone" :D and some friends actually stuck with the name Stone and it sort of became a nick name for me. 

Now with that said, "The Stone Zone" originated from a very good friend of mine who came into my work one day, which I was just a dishwasher at a restaurant, and I basically had my own section where I worked and he made a comment about walking into "The Stone Zone" and it just kinda clicked. I liked the sound of it so I just stuck with it. A lot of people think it has to do with a "stoner" thing but the name has nothing to do with that. lol'

What kinds of things are you planning to cover? 

'On my YouTube channel, I mainly do Let's Plays and I do some unboxings for game themed products such as Limited editions of games like statue collectibles and such. I plan on sticking with those types of videos mainly, but I am sure I will add some other game related videos. '

Why should we watch your videos? 


'I'm not necessarily telling everyone to go watch my videos, I know some people may not like what I do and others will love it. It's ultimately up to the viewers to stick around and come back and watch. I'm just doing this for fun and sharing what I enjoy with the world. Of course i would love to have everyone come watch my videos and I will always try to keep things as entertaining as I can and I work hard to make sure my material looks as Professional as I can. All I can say, if you're into watching Let's Play channels, just come say hello and give my channel a shot! I try really hard to connect on a personal level with my viewers. '

What were you looking for in the intro music?

'It was hard to say exactly what I was looking for in the music, all i know is I wanted something that worked well with the animation and something that had a good vibe to it! I had a similar sound that I wanted that we used as a reference, but I wanted to make sure It didnt sound to alike. I wanted a unique audio track that would help keep the attention! '

What was it like working with me (Ninichi)?

'It was awesome working with Ninichi! She was very understanding with what I was looking for and she did everything she could to make sure that I got the sound I was looking for. She got the track done in a short time and was very communicative! '

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How are you planning to grow your audience/channel? 

'The main way I plan on growing my channels, basically just continue uploading as much as I can while making sure the quality is professional and let the viewers just decide if they like what they see. Now obviously I promote my channel on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and I try to continue sharing it around as much as I can. Either way, I will continue uploading videos whether people are watching or not because again, this is something I enjoy doing! :)'

Where can we find out more?

'You can find more information on my main social media page on twitter which is just @StoneZoneGaming. I am constantly posting on Twitter and it has links to all of my channels including my Twitch channel: which is currently my main focus!

StoneZoneGaming on Youtube:'

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