Introducing the Game: Crash Course

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This week's featured game is Crash Course - by indie game developer Sam Troth who has kindly agreed to talk us through his game and his experiences in developing it to date...

Tell us about you & your 'team'

'Hi I’m Sam Troth (@SamTroth) & I am a solo developer with a background in programming in Unity and creating a variety of styles of game art. Plus a passion for fun video games I like mainly multiplayer experiences but I’m experimenting with single player experiences at the moment. I had a bit of help in this project by a friend “Emil Duxbury” who created the 2D character art for this project.'

What got you into game development?

'I started game development after secondary school and studied it at college doing a games development course, which I mainly learned how to make game art and animations. I also taught myself Unity at this time and started to make my first games. These included a 2D platformer game and a 3D horror game called “Forgotten” where players had to escape an abounded hotel.'

What an excellent start to game development! Now, tell us about your latest game Crash Course! What's it all about & how do you play it?

'Crash Course is a 1-4 player split screen, Acrobatic World War 2 Dogfighting game. The game features numerous maps, a playful and colourful art style and arcade controls to match. Player can choose from 4 planes each with a variety of skins to choose from and unlock throughout the game.

Fun, Fast and Acrobatic gameplay fits perfectly with the multiplayer aspect of the game grab some friends, controllers and take to the skies.

4x Xbox Controller required to play the current build.'

What made you want to create this game?

'There has been a massive resurgence of multiplayers games as of late and I wanted to create something fun which people could Pick up and play. Plus most of the games don’t feature split screen as a kid I loved split screen shooters and the type of action and competitiveness they gave to people and I wanted to recapture this aspect in Crash Course.'

What do you think makes the game interesting?

'The game will feature multiple game modes including capture the flag, death match and an objective based mode. Crash course will feature a single player component with objective based missions and a few tutorial based missions so players can get introduced to the controls and arcade gameplay. Its simple controls also add to this experience.'

As a game music composer, i'm always keen to know what others think about game music. What are your thoughts on game music generally? Do you have any favourites?

'Music in games is super important. it adds so much atmosphere and ambiance, from my experience in my multiplayer games I normally have a playlist of songs which auto-play and all have the same style and which fit the game perfectly, for single player games I normally fit music per level.'

'My favourite in game music would probably be “The Last of Us” soundtrack as the music fits the game perfectly, the music is nice and calm.'

Have you created any other games?

'I have created other games most of them haven’t been released, but I’m working on some VR apps and games. One which is in development is a wave based zombie shooter which uses the HTC VIVE.'

How exciting! We'll keep a look out for that one. In the meantime, where can we get hold of your 'Crash Course' game? 

'You can download my game at no cost from gamejolt and itch.'

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