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Gaming channel The Nerd Syndicate

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If you're into games & like to have fun checking them out, take a look at this new gaming channel The Nerd Syndicate! I'm excited to have been involved with creating the podcast intro and outro music for this growing gaming channel, and it's wonderful to have the owner of channel tell us more about it... 

What's your channel about and who is it for?

'The Nerd Syndicate is all about games, I review PC game (Primarily bad ones) for people’s enjoyment. I like to add in a few jokes and make sure the experience is enjoyable while still manageable to watch on a time crunch. I also like sharing opinions about the video game industry and I am always up for a debate. This channel is aimed at people who just enjoy games and having a good time. I’m a laid-back guy and I just want to have fun!'

Why did you create it and what's your vision/plan for it?

'I dabbled in video game reviews and articles multiple times before, however, writing for an employer felt extremely limiting, I couldn’t make as many jokes in an article and I needed a more free and creative outlet. Admittedly, my job is not the most exciting thing ever at the moment and over the years, I’ve come to realize that my calling is entertainment. I want to entertain people! While this project was on the backburner for quite a while, back in November 2016, I decided it was finally time to act on it. While I am not in this for the money, eventually creating content as my day job is a very nice dream to have and keep me going.'

Tell us about your channel intro & outro (I.e. the music!) - where did it come from / what vibe did you want / what's the importance of it?

'The channel intro was planned around the fact that I am both a professional but also kind of a goofball. I wanted to use a cartoon version of myself to relay that I do not take myself seriously. I like making jokes, being over the top and all. Then, I contacted Ninichi for the music. I needed something upbeat and full of energy. I wanted the viewer to be “hyped” about whatever is coming next. Overall, I was trying to establish my brand, the aesthetic, the music, everything! '

Great stuff! I'm so honoured that you commissioned me to do your music & here is the podcast intro and outro for you to listen to now...

(Check out my intros & jingles section if you want to hear some other jingles and/or get some help with your own)

What kinds of games do you review? How often do you upload new videos? What should we look out for?

'I review PC games, mostly what you can find on steam, and mostly terrible ones. I want to eventually expend to console games but that will depend on my wallet. Games are expensive and so is equipment! I upload at least once a month but usually, I’ll have two videos a month out for your enjoyment.'

Why should we check it out?

'If you enjoy video games and if you enjoy silly goofballs, this channel is most likely right down your alley. The community created so far (While still fairly small at the moment) is extremely important to me. I love creating content, I adore the community around it and I’m just having a plain ‘ol good time. I’d like you to join the fun!'

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