Introducing the Game: Tank Tank Rush

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If you enjoy playing military games and games on your mobile, Tank Tank Rush is definitely a great game to try out! I was honoured to connect with Antonin Duboc (@PutschMobi), the maker and indie games developer of this fun mobile app. Learn more about Tank Tank Rush in this interview:

Please tell us more about yourself...

'I am an IT functional consultant based in France, proud father of two little girls and what people call "Indie developer" at night. I spend a lot of time on public transport. The original idea was to do "something" with this wasted time.'

What inspired you to make your mobile game Tank Tank Rush? Can you tell us more about it?

'I really enjoyed playing to the first artillery games like "Artillery" (1989!), "Worms" or "Angry Birds". But something was missing, I needed more action! All these games were turn-based games. I looked on the AppStore for this kind of game without success and decided to code it myself. 

Tank Tank Rush is a mix between artillery and side scroller games. Working on this concept was quite fun as I didn't find another game which was using this kind of logic or mechanic: 2D, real time, real physics (I used some interesting ballistic formulas from college!) but a bit like an arcade game. This game as far as I know is unique!'

What should we look out for in the game?

'I tried to maximise the user experience by designing a good User Interface and game controllers.

The player moves from the left to the right (like in classic side scroller games!). He can fire at will in real time!

I worked a lot on game physics, ballistic calculation for AI, explosions and impacts. 

Tank Tank Rush features the soviet army during the Great Patriotic War. I thought this idea was original and could get players' attention.'

How have you developed it and what has been the highlight in your game development journey?

'Well this is an excellent question...! I had no programming skills at all when I started this project! I learnt how to code by myself, using the "trial and error" method, reading articles on the web etc. It took me two years to get the result you can see today.

Tank Tank Rush is my first game, I never made anything like this before!'

Why did you seek a composer to work with you? How has the process been? 

'Well, I've spent 2 years working on this game, fine tuning the physics, the gameplay, etc. I could not go with standard or cheap music, I wanted something good and unique.

I first asked the SACEM (the organism that distributes music licences in France - it is a public company), but they didn't even answer me!  Then I looked for independant composers.' 

And that's how we connected and starting working together! Great! :-)

What were you looking for in the music & how do you think it has turned out? 

'Well I wanted a military march (this game is quite serious!). I sent Ninichi an example of what I was looking for and she started to work on it right away!

2/3 weeks later, the music file was ready (that is my fault, during 2 weeks I had no time to send her my feedback!)

Working with Ninichi was great. She is good and works fast.'

Thank you so much! Let's have a listen to the track...

When will you be releasing the game & what are your plans for it?

'I put a deadline in april 2017. There is always something to do, even when you think there is nothing left. That's why you have to stick to your deadline, if you don't, you'll never release it.'

Where can we find out more about you and Tank Tank Rush?

'Find more info about Tank Tank Rush here: and get in touch with me via Twitter:'

So there you have it! What a fun game to keep an eye out for!

About the author: Ninichi is a game music composer. She is the in-house composer for games company Quinton Studios and works on a range of freelance composing projects supporting talented game developers with their games & game music. She also works on film music scores and soundtracks to tv series / web series and podcasts too. 

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