Introducing the Game: Ninja Couch Party

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Introduce yourself and your game...

'I'm Brannan Vitek, I'm a Game Design and Development college student in Atlanta, Georgia. As a side project after classes, I'm creating an arcade platform fighting game, at the moment titled Ninja Couch Party! '

What kind of game is it, how do you play it?


'It's a game similar to Smash Brothers and Brawlhalla, where players pick from a roster of fighters and duke it out in a floating arena. However, this game is very simple and approachable! Each character has only two attack moves, so there is almost zero barrier to entry for both new and old gamers alike. It shows off a retro pixel art style with lighthearted and hilarious fighting antics as you beat up your friends with old Asia inspired fighting styles- with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for fun.'

What were the main challenges in developing it?

'Couch Party is both a development project and a way for me to learn, hands on. I'm doing all of the art, programming, etc, trying to really dig in and absorb as much as I can about the game development process. At this stage, I am the most excited about one of stages called Sakura. I simply adore how it turned out. Animated cherry blossom trees, birds flying in the background, and a rather challenging pagoda-style building to jump around in. I'm immensely excited about the way its artwork has turned out, and people are really loving it.' 

What part does music play in your game?


'What part? Hmm, that's an interesting question. I suppose it's role as the players are duking it out is to be underneath the action, aiding greatly to the intensity and excitement of the game! To match the pixel art and arcade like controls, I intend for the music to sound more on the 8bit side. Solo square waves under those old snare drum SNES sounds, that sort of thing.'

Where are you planning to get the music from?

'When it comes time to do music, I'm going to attempt to do it myself. I've made some tracks in the past and it can only help me do better! 

However I'm no maestro, so if the project becomes bigger than I expected, I'll probably look to a professional for the music, most likely with Ninichi here ;)'

Where can we find out more?

'The game doesn't have a dedicated website or anything, so the best way to see its development is to keep up with my twitter! Right here: @brannan_vitek

There is a little tech demo of the mechanics you can play, right now in your browser for free, on my website: with samples of other games, art, and music I've published)

Thanks to Ninichi for allowing me to contribute!'

About the author: Ninichi is a game music composer. She is the in-house composer for games company Quinton Studios and works on a range of freelance composing projects supporting talented game developers with their games & game music. She also does film music and music for gaming channels/podcast/tv/webseries and more!

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