Introducing the Games Company: Desktop Arcade

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This time on my blog, I have the pleasure of introducing you all to game developer Caleb, the founder of games company DesktopArcade who specialise in fan-made retro games - bringing back to life some of the classic arcade games! Some of these great games include Jetpac, Snake, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and Gensha 3D. Here's a short interview...

Tell us about who you are & how did you get into game development?

'I am the owner of a company named 'DesktopArcade'. I got into game development when I saw my brother with a game he had created. I asked a variety of questions on how to develop games. He taught me every day and soon I could start making my own games. I then discovered Game Jolt. I really liked it, and that's when I started to publish my games. I then realised that everyone didn't use their real names for a studio. So I decided to make up a name, and that is how I got the name DesktopArcade. A very basic name, but it was fine.' 

What games have you made?

'I have made a numerous amount of games, although I have only released a few. Many I have had to delete as there were game breaking bugs, etc. I love creating fan games, and I wanted to bring the retro games back to life by re-creating them.' 

Are they all available to play?

'All of my games are currently available online and free to play.' 

What makes them different & fun?

'All of my games have an objective. For Space Invaders, you destroy all the enemies to complete the level. For Pac-Man, you avoid ghosts and collect the pellets to get high scores, etc.'

What do you think of the game music and sound effects?  

'The game music and sound effects are very important in a game, that's why one of the most important people to have on your game development team is a music composer. It definitely is an important aspect.' 

For more information on Desktop Arcade's fabulous games visit: 

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