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If you like short films, documentaries and music, you may want to keep an eye on this new Youtube channel and podcast, Unknown Whisper. We connected via Twitter a few weeks ago and I'm honoured to have my track 'Over the Horizon' as the podcast intro music for the show. Let's learn more about this podcast and the person behind it now...

Tell us about the Unknown Whisper YouTube channel & Podcast?

'I love music, film, video games and sports, so on my channel, I make documentary films about these subjects as I find them really interesting. I interview people and do music reviews of musicians and artists.

While I was in school I took film class and fell in love with filming. I wanted a place to showcase my work. Then I tried music reviews and that so far has been a success. I plan on making another documentary this year, maybe making a blog and creating a Podcast at some point in the future.'

Why did you choose to use my music for the podcast intro? 

'Usually, I love listening and watching dark things and music, but for the intro of my channel I wanted something that was the complete opposite of dark. I wanted a song that was happy yet mysterious. I felt the song you created Ninichi, would fit the theme and capture the whimsical nature of my channel. 'Over The Horizon' fits the bill perfectly. It shows that side of my personality and just reminds me of happiness.'

Here's the podcast intro music...

Who will you be interviewing & including on your channel?

' I would love to interview the people who I have reviewed their music. It would be cool to have a conversation with John Tracy or Facing West Music about Music and life in General. I also would love to interview Robert Smith from The Cure too but that will probably never happen lol. Also Bill Simmons. I love listening to his podcast and he has influenced me.'

What drives you to make your videos?

'If you just watch one of my videos and you will be able to tell that I am very passionate at what I do. Every video that I work on, I try to make sure that It's the best that I can possibly make. I have a very creative mind and I come up with some of the craziest and out of the box ideas that you could think of. But those are the ideas that always work for me and provide some pretty cool moments.

Some Youtubers do this for fame, others for money. While both sound great, it's not why I do what I do. I make videos on youtube because I love it. I love creating interesting videos that allow for people to gain a different perspective in their lives.

When I first started to do this, I had no confidence in what I was doing and didn't expect for people to watch my content. However, after listening to other people and seeing the success that I have been having lately, I am starting to believe in myself. I believe this is the year where I break out of my shell and push myself even more, creating some interesting content that people should tune in for.'

Follow Unknown whisper on Twitter @unknownwhisper & check out the channel now!

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