Introducing the Game: Calico - Out on Kickstarter Now!

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What is Calico all about?

Calico is a cute and cozy community sim game where the player is a magical girl who inherits a cat-cafe. They are tasked with filling the cafe back up with new fuzzy friends, furniture, and wonderful baked goods. ‘

Who’s it for & where did the idea come from?

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‘Our game is for anyone who loves cuties, pastel, magical girls, or just needs a nice break in a cat-cafe. I was surprised when we started, at how few other games there were like this. The most exciting thing for me is that you will be able to pet and interact with every animal, including play with cat toys, and being able to play with animals you wouldn't in real life, like red pandas! We also have a magical aspect which will allow the player to do things like enlarge the cat to ride like a horse. Who wouldn't smile at that?’

When will we get to play it?

‘If funded, we expect to release some time in 2020, but for those a bit more impatient we have a demo releasing along with the Kickstarter! Check out our Kickstarter page to see how to download it.

Our game is set for PC, but has the potential to be on any platform depending on demand and funds.’ 

Tell us about you! Who’s been involved in creating this wonderful game?

‘Calico is the first game being produced by CatBean games! We're a small team of only two people based in Seattle, WA. The first half (me) grew up in NYC and then Minnesota, coming to Seattle 5 years ago for the game dev scene. Before this, I worked as a freelance illustrator, as well as a community manager at various companies including Microsoft and Holospark. Our other half, Andrew, moved here to Seattle from Illinois and previously worked as a programmer. He switched to learning Unity programming, and is the more technical half of our team.

We've also been working with a few incredibly talented individuals for areas that the two of us can't cover. 

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Freelance Composer Ninichi ( | @ninichimusic) is our music magician, creating adorable music to to go along with adorable visuals. 

Diego De la Rocha ( | @diegodelarocha) has been helping us with animation, creating super cute magical girl movements.’

Why have you launched a Kickstarter & what are you hoping to achieve from it?

‘We wanted to try to avoid relying on a publisher if we can, seeing as our game is centered around themes not generally represented. We're hoping with the Kickstarter that we can raise enough funds for living expenses to allow us to work on the game full time.’

Why should we support you & what rewards are on offer?

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‘I hope that anyone who is like me and has wanted a game like this to exist for a long while will find everything they wanted in Calico. I believe we need way more cute and cozy games, and hopefully people agree!

I'm very excited about our Kickstarter rewards, a few of which involve putting your own pets into the full game!’

Where can we find out more? 

What are your plans after the Kickstarter?

‘Our first plan is a little self reward. We will be donating to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA for the chance to get up close with a real Red Panda! 

After that, it's going to be some intense time at our desks, trying to make Calico the best, cutest, and most heartwarming game it can be!’

Wow awesome! Thank you so much for sharing everything with us. I wish you the very best of luck with the Kickstarter. Everyone please show your support for this heartwarming game now by visiting!


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