Introducing the Game: Railed (A Casual Puzzle Game on Steam)

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Last year, I discovered Railed, a railroad puzzle game, at the time, in development by WarGem LLC. I was commissioned to work on the game music soundtrack and was so pleased to learn all about it! It’s an amazingly addictive game which is easy and fun to play but challenging to master. Here’s my interview with the maker of Railed…

Please tell us about Railed Express and what it’s all about!


‘Railed is a railroad-themed, casual puzzle game where players connect train tracks between four destinations and a gold/silver mine. Railed is procedural and each game is different. Players start with $30 million dollars and make strategic tile placements with random track pieces. The high scores are tallied on a global scoreboard and players can build rank according to their scores.’ 

Where did the idea for this game come from?

‘Railed is based on an interesting pen & paper game, 30 Rails, by Julian Anstey. Although the gameplay has expanded in Railed, it still captures the original essence of the fun puzzle game.’

How and on what platform can you play the game?

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‘Currently, Railed is adapted to the Windows PC. Rolling train cars delivery railway tile pieces that the player places on a 6x6 game board in rows and columns corresponding to the color of the boxcar. These pieces can be rotated and assembled to connect railroads and ore mines. There are bonus track pieces along the way that add to the dynamic gameplay.‘ 

How long have you been working on it and how did you get into game development?

‘All-in-all, the development project took about 9 months, not counting a couple extended breaks. I began learning to program games in 2016 and this is my first release.’

What part does music play in the game and what do you think of it’s soundtrack?

‘Every great game deserves and requires a great soundtrack. Ninichi was able to capture the melancholic mood I had envisioned and set the tone perfectly with her original compositions. The music is relaxing and beautiful and players enjoy it very much.’  

What’s your plan for the game and after it’s release? 

‘After the release of Railed, the plan is to provide a free version of the game, called Railed Express, that could increase exposure to a larger player base. Until then, caring for the game and the customers is my main focus.’

Where can we play it?

‘The Railed storefront can be found on the popular Steam platform. Plans to publish on and Humble Bundle are also in the works.’

That’s awesome and very exciting. I’m sure that we all look forward to seeing how Railed develops and giving it a go! To check out other interesting indiegames take a look at:


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