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Introducing the Web Series: Questionable Qloset by Dr Crafty


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Hello and welcome to the Ninichi blog! If you’re looking for something fun to watch on YouTube, check out Questionable Qloset! I came across Dr Crafty sometime last year and was delighted to learn more about this new show and to work on the intro theme tune for it. As a freelance composer I get the pleasure of working with many talented professionals in games, film & other media and this show is a great one to get to know and take a look at!

It’s a wonderful magical world where your questions get answered, so find out more about this show and who’s behind it now…

Who are you & can you please introduce your channel to us?

‘I'm Alexander Tansley aka Dr Crafty, and I host the Dr Crafty Youtube show, and it's spin offs; the CharaCafe, Top 10 tub, and the the recently debuted Questionable Qloset. My channel came about from watching speed art videos of other artists, when I found myself having difficulty maintaining attention to them, which lead to ask how I would take this basic formula and make it entertaining. So, after some tinkering and doodling, I came up with the idea of making a more establish frame work with character hosts, to make engaging commentary and comedic banter. And thus we have the Dr crafty show as you see it now!‘

What is Questionable Qloset about & how did you come up with the idea?

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‘The newest show on our channel. The Questionable Qloset, came about after I was growing tired of Q and A sites like Curious Cat and Ask FM, but still wanted that interaction with my fans in a meaningful way. So I thought why not make a show all about answering questions from my fans in a interestingly themed way. So that when I started coming up with the fortune teller idea, and just kept adding more to the aesthetic like the tarot cards themed around the rest of the Crafty Crew. Now my patrons can ask questions about anything on the show, and maybe see it answered in a more entertaining and interactive fashion!’

Who's been involved in the series and what are your plans for it?

‘The team behind my show has been steadily growing as more shows are made and the channel becoming bigger. You have the voice actors; Megami33 of Team 4 star fame, Toxicsoul77 and Katy Johnson (who are also the show's writers, our editing teams consisting of the fine fellows at http://toongrin.com  and RJGrid, and we've been expanding the team to include artists who design special merchandise items for us over at Teepublic we're always planning out new show concepts, and with patreon support, we'll be making those new ideas a reality eventually.’

Where's the theme tune & intro come from? What is that meant to convey?

‘The intro theme for Questionable Qloset (created by Ninichi) was largely inspired by the Poirot TV series opening theme, which helped add that feeling of mystery and intrigue to show, befitting the show host; Crystelle's mysterious and alluring character.

The reason I felt Ninichi would best fit this new series, is unlike the last 3 shows which all have a more lighthearted goofy tone to them, this show needed something more classical to create a stronger contrast between Crystelle's show and the rest of the casts. So Ninichi's intstrumentations really help this show stand out from the rest on the channel.’

What can we expect from Questionable Closet & why should we listen to it?

‘Questionable closet is a fun way to find out any fun or strange secrets that otherwise might not be explored on the main shows themselves, and the questions are always answered in a more entertaining way than simply getting a notifaction about it in text form. Crystelle adds more personality to the response we give those who ask us their questions.

So if you're a fan of the main show, and wanna know some silly secrets about the cast, this is the show to go to. You can find all of our shows at the Dr Crafty channel https://www.youtube.com/drcrafty, and eventually our own official website currently in development!’

How fun! Thanks for telling us more about Questionable Qloset. We will make sure to check it out!


About the interviewer: Ninichi is an indie game music composer who enjoys creating soundtracks for video games, film & media. She composes in a wide range of styles & loves supporting indie game developers and indie filmmakers with their projects. Find out more about her game music or royalty free music and contact her to discuss your project and music needs.

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