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The Pensky File-YouTube Podcast

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This month, I've been excited to have been commissioned to create a variety of podcast intro music for this wonderful podcast focusing on the world of Star Trek! As a jingles composer (learn more about me), it was a really fun project to work on and I'm honoured to have created podcast intro music for The Pensky File. Let take a closer look at The Pensky File...

Here's a brief intro to what The Pensky File is all about...

'I'm a YouTube channel with a podcast that is covering many, many, many episodes of the Star trek series, from the original series to the upcoming Discovery show. Fans of the series might enjoy our light hearted reviews of their favorite episodes, as the show tries to blend humor with critical analysis. We're like a less serious version of Mission log, the most well known of the Trek podcasts.'

'I needed assistance coming up with royalty free music that would capture the theme of each individual Trek series, while avoiding the pitfalls of the YouTube copyright watchdogs.'

I guess that's why we connected! Great stuff!

So here's a short clip from the Star Trek podcast (which includes my podcast intro music!)...

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For more information on & to stay up to date with the latest podcasts check out the Pensky File on Youtube:

Visit the Pensky Podcast website (for audio feeds of the podcast), Blog & twitter @That PenskyFile 

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