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I'm really excited to be exploring the intriguing world of Revere (@storyofrevere) with the creator of this story and world - Darrel Wijaya, especially as it is such a beautifully crafted game and as I was honoured to have composed music specifically for the game. Let's take a look at what The Story of the End: Revere is all about...

Darrel, can you set the scene for us? Describe the world of Revere and what's going on in the game...

'The world is basically earth but after the rapture. The dates are all messed up as now each day is around 40 hours and above and there are 20 months in a year. The world is a world of strange anomalies and unexplainable circumstances. Aside from talking animals and dragons, there are also godlike beings and creatures that roam the world. The theory is that after the end God left a bit of his essence scattered around the world known as the ether planes. Things that emerge from that essence can become all sorts of things. At times, in extreme cases, these essences create corrupted and powerful creatures that threaten the world. There are several characters, but you play as Troy, a regular foot soldier belonging to the Lumerian Empire. You meet several people along the way but that's left for the story to tell itself.'

Ok so, what is the game about?

'It is about a man who has betrayed his empire after seeing the horrors of what they have done. He is on a quest of redemption as a traitor.

The idea of this game is to promote anti discrimination and terrorism. Furthermore I happened to just come up with the idea when I was thinking about human behavior. I wanted to draw out a story that would provoke both the players feelings and mental state. I mean, I'm not a triple A student so I might as well make something short and sweet!'

How do you play it?

'It’s a simple RPG Game. Walk around, go to town, do quests, its quite generic. The only thing that isn't generic is it's interactive battle system. It's a turned based and has a lot of interactive features that are there because it is related to the story. So telling you what they are might spoil the fun!'                    

 Who’s involved in developing this game?

'I am the brain, my hands are the people on Skype! 

I've never met them or heard their voices, I just read their thoughts. It's a bit sad, but it seems my first game is being made alone and on a computer.

We've been working on the game for 10 months now. We are hard working people trying to take a stab at life. We went in knowing this is a fierce industry, but we are trying our best to stay afloat!'

 What has that journey been like?

'Rough! But not rough enough to break us apart. We've sent over thousands of emails and many of them don’t get responded to. It's a game of trial and error. I guess I'm also just lucky.'

What’s the music like in the game?

'We have several composers to choose from but we decided to pick a solid few.'

We connected over working together on the 'town music' to revere (have a listen everyone!). what are your thoughts on that? 

'Ninichi, you worked surprisingly fast. I was really impressed and it was solid work. you got the track done in a few hours or so - impressive! i whole heartedly recommend working with Ninichi if you're in need of a musician / composer!'

Wow, thanks Darrel! That's so kind.

What else would you like to say about Story of Revere?

'If you ever played clicker heroes that's what our battle system will be similar to. It's also tied in with the story.

In terms of when the game will be released - that's yet to be announced! It'll be on steam and maybe on amazon - for $8.99 only you'll get a full copy!'

How exciting! This is definitely a game to keep watching. To stay connected with Darrel and to get the latest on Revere, visit his tumblr page or follow him @storyofrevere.


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