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I'm delighted to be introducing everyone to The Loading Crew, this week. I was honoured to work on the intro music for this channel and to get to know the wonderful couple behind this channel. Here's my interview with them...

Who are you and where did The Loading Crew come from? 

'TheLoadingCrew is a husband and wife team made up of 2 independent artists. The husband Stuart is in charge of the YouTube channel and producing video content while the wife Alexandria produces the Web Comics Momma CQ, Jelly Realms Adventures, and the upcoming comic World View.'

What made you decide to set up this channel? 

'We actually had the channel open since 2009. We used to do competitive Yu-gi-oh! content but decided to rebrand as a tabletop channel in 2016 when we started uploading our Pathfinder/D&D videos he played with a few internet celebrity guest friends of ours.'


Tell us a bit about your channel and what sorts of things you cover?

'TheLoadingCrew produces mid to high quality Tabletop RPG games framed as a web series. We live stream long form Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons style games. After the live streams, we will take the footage and cut them down into 10-60 minute easy to consume episodes.

We do several things like clean up audio, add animations, and special music to enhance the viewing experience. As of right now, our most popular series are our Sands of Horren Pathfinder Campaign and our Pokemon Tabletop: Utopus Region Campaign series.'


What are your plans for your Youtube channel? 

'Currently, our Pathfinder, Sands of Horren series is over, while Pokemon is still going strong. Currently we are working on creating a new Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons like show in the next few upcoming months. This series will have a much high production quality than the other shows on the channel without a set schedule. Currently the project is still largely secret and in the early production stages but we are confident our audience will enjoy.'

Why should we watch it?

'As of right now, there are very few approachable and understandable tabletop shows on the internet. There are a few that are quite excellent and entertaining, but there are many whose barrier to entry are still reserved for fans of TTRPs. Our shows are designed that most people can enjoy it without any need to understand the game that they are based in.' 

Why did you decide to work with me (Ninichi) on the music? 

'I remember reaching out to you, Ninichi, when we dabbled in the Indy Game Scene for a while and when we were looking to commission a cover of a song for our channel in the past. I had heard of Ninichi's work through a few indy game groups and understood she did professional quality work very quickly. We were eager to work with her and her talents. The tune is quite good, we look forward to using it and we hope to do more with her in the future!'

Thanks so much for finding me and trusting me with the intro music to your wonderful channel! It was a real pleasure working with you on this, and here's the track (see above) for everyone to check out.

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Now, hopefully everyone is excited to learn more, so here are some links where you can find out more about The Loading Crew:



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