Introducing the Mobile Game: Mini Hospital - on iOS & Android!

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Do you love mobile games and have you always wanted to run your own hospital? If so, this is a game that you have to check out!

Earlier on this year, I, Ninichi, had the pleasure of connecting with Andrea, the Chief Pixel Officer (and much more!) at Twit Games, and I was super excited to learn all about Mini Hospital (@MiniHospGame) and to work on the game music soundtrack for it.

It’s a really awesome mobile game with the potential for endless fun so let’s get to know more about it…

Please tell us about Mini Hospital and what it’s all about! 

‘Mini Hospital is a tycoon sim management game for mobile phones. It is an endless hospital-building game where you can freely build your very own hospital. Players will get to collect hundreds of staff and hire the right staff for each room, be it surgeons, doctors, nurses, janitors, assistants or even chefs! To increase efficiency, players can even train and improve staff by acquiring new skills.’ 

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Where did the idea for this game come from?   


‘Jin is a programmer who is an avid gamer who has also made other games before and it was always a dream of his to build a tycoon simulation game, a game which he could make and enjoy. I am a doctor by profession, who loves games and am now taking a break to work full-time as a game developer. It was always a dream of mine to build and own a real hospital! Our combined passions sparked this idea and resulted in the creation of Mini Hospital, both fulfilling our lifelong dream!’

Who's been involved in creating/developing it?

‘We are called Twit Games and we are Jin & Andrea! Jin is the programmer and I am the artist.’

How do you play Mini Hospital? How does it work?

‘Mini Hospital will be available on iOS and Android devices, and will be a free-to-play game.’

How long have you been working on it and how did you get into game development?  

‘We have been working on it since March 2018! We have always enjoyed simulation tycoon games together and it was always our dream to release a game which we ourselves found fun!’

What part does music play in it? 

‘Music plays an extremely important role in Mini Hospital. We wanted the music to lift people's moods while playing it and Ninichi truly translated what we wanted, into the form of her beautiful music. It has since given our hospital so much life! We heard Ninichi's work on Soundcloud and fell in love with her music, that is when we decided to get in touch with her. The experience has been great, she has been so easy to work with and is extremely skilled and talented at what she does.’

What’s your plan for the game and after its release? 

‘We plan to update the game regularly with more rooms, staff and new features! It will be an ongoing project, no doubt!’ 

Where can we play / find it? 

‘You will be able to play it on all iOS and Android devices so feel free to check the game out on the AppStore / GooglePlay!’

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Check out the Mini Hospital Original Soundtrack here:


About the Author: 

Ninichi is a freelance game music composer & supporter of indie projects. She makes music for games, films, shows and commercials, and would be more than happy to discuss your project with you! For business enquiries contact her here

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