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Introducing the Game: One Button Laser Shark

a few weeks ago, i was delighted to have connected with Michael Mchugh - an indie game developer, certified unity developer and virtual reality/augmented reality enthusiast.  

he has several impressive games in his portfolio including: fortuna station, fun in the sun, where's hurdles, rift defence, horizon's drift - and his up and coming game tactical limit! However, today, i'm really excited to introduce you to his recently re-launched game: One button laser shark.  i've had the pleasure of being involved in and providing the game music for this game and am excited to showcase it on my blog... 

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Introducing the Game: Vito Jump 'n' Roll

I have had the great pleasure of connecting with Juergen, the creator of and the game Vito Jump 'n' Roll. I'm also delighted to have worked on some of the music to this beautifully put together game and to have had a go at playing the game myself. It is really well crafted and is great fun to play. I would highly recommend having a go and downloading it!  For now, Juergen has kindly agreed to this exclusive interview and to tell us more about his game:

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