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A few weeks ago, I was delighted to have connected with Michael Mchugh (@burningneuronIO) - an indie game developer, certified unity developer and virtual reality/augmented reality enthusiast.  

He has several impressive games in his portfolio including: fortuna station, fun in the sun, where's hurkles, rift defence, horizon's rift - and his up and coming game tactical limit! However, today, i'm really excited to introduce you to his recently re-launched game: One button laser shark.  I've had the pleasure of being involved in and providing the game music for this game and am excited to showcase it on my blog... 

Welcome michael and please tell us about this fun game & how you play it...

'This game is called “One Button Laser Shark”! You control a shark that shoots lasers from it’s mouth. Actually, it’s a fireball, but laser sounds better. 

The idea is for the game to be controlled using a single button, apart from menus. A short tap on the button changes your shark between moving upward or downward, while a long press will charge up and shoot a laser ball when the key is released.'

(note: Watch the video game trailer!)

What made you want to create this game? 

'There is actually a kind of interesting story behind that. It was a very late, last minute entry to “One Button Jam”. The game jam had been going for a while and I knew I wanted to make something for it, but my “day job” had me completely exhausted and stressed so I didn’t enter.

The day before the jam closed I tried out a “floatation tank”, which was a totally awesome experience! I went home so relaxed, rejuvenated and with a clear mind. I knew exactly what I wanted to make so I registered and began building the game.'

What makes the game interesting?

'There are a few interesting parts, such as the control being just one button, and that you are a kind of goofy looking shark with the power to shoot fireballs while underwater! Sharks...fireballs...what’s not to like?!'

Tell us about the music - what's the story behind that?

'The original submission for the jam just had some ambient underwater sound which was good. However, after the addition of a music track (from me!) after the jam - it gives it that extra touch.

What I particularly like about it is that it isn’t your typical tense kind of music for action games, and it sticks well clear of the cliché ‘jaws’ style music.

Instead we have this jazzy, sneaky kind of soundtrack that matches the goofy look of the shark! It changes the whole feel of the game from something serious to something fun and laid back.'

That's so lovely to hear! It's been great working with you on the music to this game. For games generally, what part do you think music plays?

'Music plays a massive part to set the mood of a game. A subtle change in the music can cue a player to get ready for some intense action, let them know they just achieved something or like this shark game, completely change the feel of the game.'

How long have you been in game development? 

'I used to write games when I was 13 on a VZ-200, then on a Commodore 64. When I became ‘an adult’ work and everyday life kind of pushed that to the background until a few years ago in 2014 when I rediscovered my love for game development!'

Have you created any other games? 

'I have a bunch of games published including SHMUP, puzzle, simulation, VR/AR and some concept applications.

The big game I am working on at the moment is Tactical Limit: a fast paced, turn based strategy game set in the depths of space! (see the press kit for more info). It’s still in development, but you can watch a trailer at

Where can we find them and how do we get to play One Button Laser Shark?

'Download One button laser shark now on android:

Get it on Google Play

one button laser shark is also available on Windows, Mac & Linux: download it here.

All my desktop games can all be found at, which includes a couple of Android games/apps that are not on the Google Play Store.

Tactical Limit has it’s own website'

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