Introducing the Game: Cocktail Cube Challenge

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On the Ninichi blog this week is James from Monster Finger Games, a three-person team based in England (UK), responsible for developing the games: Super Renegade Response and Rush Hour Mayhem.  They specialise in creating games for Android, Ouya and PC titles and today we explore their latest game Cocktail Cube Challenge:

How long have you been developing games for Android? 

'Hi our team has been developing games since the end of 2013, we started by creating games for the Ouya console and stayed doing that for a year or two before moving onto other platforms. The first game we released was Super Renegade Response.'

Tell us about your latest game and how does it works...

'Our latest game is Cocktail Cube Challenge - and is a physics stacking game with a twist. The idea is to score as highly as possible by stacking ice cubes anywhere on the screen. Cocktail Cube Challenge is simple and easy to play but hard to master.'

Here is how they entice people into playing the game:

'Feel the jam as you listen to the casual tropical tunes as you stack and collect as many ice cubes in your cocktail glass as possible. Watch as each cube that lands in your drink makes the physics liquid cascade down the screen.
In this casual stacking game, build your epic tower of cubes, be careful not to smash the cubes with the Lime though!'

Can you describe the music in the game?

'The music in Cocktail Cube Challenge is currently licensed free music. Usually Stu works on all our games music but was unable to sort the music yet. The music is tropical to match with the beach theme, I think it works perfectly actually hence why we haven't made a new song for it.

The music was chosen to match the beach/tiki style we wanted for the game, we also feel it matches the vibrant colours of the game.'

How can we get your game?

'You can download our game on Googleplay here:


and soon many other 3rd party stores.'

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