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On my blog this week, I'd like to introduce you to an interesting project that I came across - currently called armageddon, but whose real name will be revealed shortly! It is an animated series created by Berserker Crow (@massacre_crow)

Please tell us about yourself and your animated series...

'I'm an aspiring graphic novel author who is a huge gamer and a geek for comics and manga. My story is a post apocalyptic dark fantasy with modern elements thrown in there. It will be a series of books first and then I will make it into an anime series on YouTube for everyone to watch!'

Tell us about the story behind the series. What is it about?

'The story takes place in modern day society. The main Character is Mercutio Crow who is a high school senior who was bullied and abused by his peers and teachers. He never knew what it's like to have anything he wanted, nor did he know how it felt like to have power over others.

One day in school, he was being tortured and beaten by bullies, his sanity shatters into pieces. In the middle of metal working class, he violently murder his bullies and desecrated their corpses in front of the whole class. As they watch in horror, he begins to cannibalize their bodies by eating chunks of their heart.

Before Crow could do more, the authorities show up and put him in a straight jacket. This is where he is sent to a mental hospital for many many years. Now labeled as a psychopath, he trained and changed his mind and strengthen his body, he wants to become a weapon. His eyes now open, he sees how truly cruel and twisted the world is and will turn against it before the world turns against him. After his many years of failed research, there was no way to cure Crow's twisted and tortured mind. Keeping him inside the hospital will do him no good, so he was discharged.

With nowhere to go and only wearing the clothes on his back, he wanders the world seeking his family. Then something unexpected happens! The sky turns red and it begins to rain blood and fire, the world forever changes! Out of the sky, lightning strikes the ground and it opens portals from hell and other plains of existence - summoning massive hordes of demons and monsters, dark knights and dragons!

The world around him was invaded by all things mentioned in biblical folklore and legends! Society is at war with the supernatural and humanity is being slaughtered like cattle by these creatures! Crow has only one thing to do...survive! As he fights for his life, he must figure out what is really going on and the human world twists and changes into a world of dark fantasy. Every character and companion he meets is inspired by real people that i know in my personal life!'

What are your plans for this project?

'I will try to get my work published and released as a series of books, and if the demand is high enough, i will make the animated series on YouTube for all to see. I will hire voice actors and of course Ninichi will be making the soundtrack for the series!'

Where did the idea behind this story come from?

'The story was inspired heavily from my favorite game Dark Souls. I thought to myself one day, what would happen if the horrific creatures and demigods attacked and invaded modern day society? Would we survive? The survival and drama aspect was inspired by The Walking Dead and Berserk! You will see many references and easter eggs from different games and stories that i have been a big fan my whole life! Lets see if you can find them.'

How important is music for this project?

'The music behind the animated series is what brings the story its atmosphere and ambiance. The World of my stary is very dark and grim but also epic and at times beautiful! Whenever i draw characters in my free time, i usually listen to Two Steps From Hell and Future World Music! It helps me imagine the epic world of my Story. So the music is extremely important to me.'

Where can we find out more?

Most of my concept art is on my twitter! Give me a follow if you want to see more updates on my work! My twitter name is "Berserker Crow" i cannot wait to show you guys my work!

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