How to Create An Effective Podcast Intro or Jingle

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Do you want people to enjoy & look forward to your podcast? Do you want more subscribers and for each one to tell others about it? If so, paying close attention to your podcast intro and outro is a must do. How you start your podcast and how you end each episode can really affect how people feel about you and your podcast and so it’s important to get it right.  If it’s not memorable and doesn’t excite your listeners in the right way, it could actually be turning them away from you.

I’m a jingles composer (see my jingles & intros page) and have created intros, outros and theme tunes for various podcasts, web series, commercials and more. Those who come to me understand the impact that a good podcast intro and outro can have. Here I will try to share a few tips and ideas that may help you to think through what kind of podcast intro or jingle you may want and how to make it effective for you…

1. Know what your podcast intro is for

This may sound obvious but I feel that it’s always a good place to start. What is the purpose of your particular podcast intro? What do you want it to do for you?

Is it there to excite people before you start talking? Is it there to represent your brand and personality? Is it there to give people a flavour of what you’re about?

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2. Keep it short, simple and sweet

Most podcast intros and outros I’ve worked on have tended to be between 30 seconds to 60 seconds long. Some are shorter, snappier 15 second intros and others are much longer theme tunes e.g. up to 3 minutes for bigger shows, however, 30-60 seconds seems to be the norm. Think about how long you want your intro to be. 

By keeping it fairly short and having a simple tune, it can be easier to make it catchy and memorable without boring or overwhelming the listener. You don’t want it to feel long or repetitive or confusing and one of it’s main purposes will most likely be to capture people’s attention before you get into your content, so keep this in mind when thinking about what kind of opening and approach you want to go for.

3. Go for something positive and uplifting

In most cases, going for something with a happy and uplifting feel is a good approach as it installs positive feelings towards you, your podcast and brand. It helps to put people in a good mood and thus can help people to look forward to listening to your show.

There are, however, some cases where you may want a different feel – for example if you’re podcast is about horror movies or something else that might have a dark, mysterious or other kind of mood. In those cases, you may want to consider having a jingle that reflects what your podcast is about, but otherwise positivity is best!

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4. Be consistent & know what info to share when

This is a more general tip about how you may want to format and organise your podcast. Firstly decide whether or not you want your podcast intro music to stand-alone and then be followed by content, or if it’s there as background music, which you will then talk over. Neither option is necessarily better than the other but it does go back to our first point, which is to know what the exact purpose of your intro is.

You can certainly experiment, and allow yourself lots of creative freedom in how you present information in your show. However, from my experience there will tend to be some bits of information that you will want to share on each episode.   By establishing a fixed format for these elements, you can build professionalism and consistency into your show. So, some of these things may include:

  • Intro Music

  • Podcast Name

  • Host Name(s)

  • Episode Title &/or Number

  • Saying who your podcast is for

  • Sharing what the show is about or summarising what’s to come in the episode

  • Main Content

  • Sponsors

  • Outro Music

There are my 4 tips to help you with your podcast intro or show intro.

Check out my royalty free music catalogue for some ready-to-use podcast jingles or contact me for a custom theme tune/jingle.

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About the Author:

Ninichi is a freelance jingles composer, game music composer and film music composer. She has created theme tunes, intros and outros for various adverts, podcasts and shows, as well as composing original soundtracks to different indie games and films. Learn more about Ninichi here.

If you need help with music, contact her now to discuss your project and music needs.

5 Reasons Why Jingles are Vital For Great Advertising

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By Ninichi | Contact | Follow

If you’re involved in advertising and are wondering how to make your advert stand out, think carefully about the music jingle that everyone will hear as they listen to and watch your advert. Jingles are a super important part when it comes to advertising and it’s amazing how much impact they can have on an advertising campaign and on one’s brand.

I’m a freelance jingles composer and have worked on various jingles, theme tunes and intros and outros for different shows and commercial adverts as well as working on soundtracks for games and films (see my homepage or jingles & intros page).  It’s a really rewarding experience and one that I feel passionately about. Often the importance of getting the right jingle can be overlooked and so I hope that this article helps to offer some insight and ideas around why they require real thought and consideration, and that by investing time and energy into this, you will most definitely see your advertising campaign come to life!

So, here are a few reasons why jingles are so key in advertising:

1. Jingles grab people’s attention

Great jingles tend to be catchy, fun and memorable. They are meant to be engaging and fun to listen to, and thus are designed to grab your audience’s attention and to keep them interested in what you have to say and offer.

Without a strong, well-crafted jingle, there could be a big opportunity lost. Your advert or commercial may fail to capture your audience’s attention and it’s main message may not be heard.

2. Great jingles create a lasting impression & impact

Music can be a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing and advertising. A memorable tune can embed itself deep into one’s subconscious and be remembered for a long time far beyond when one first heard it.

If you choose the right jingle or theme tune for your commercial or show, it can keep you in your audience’s minds for a long long time!

3.  Jingles represent you and your brand

The music that you decide and choose to use in all of your marketing videos and campaigns is really important because it represents you and what you stand for. If your music isn’t any good and is of a low quality, what does it say about your brand?

Your jingle can also help to highlight your brand’s personality. It can become the musical essence of what you’re all about.  It is one way of letting people get to know you and get closer to you.

So, if your brand is meant to inspire, be uplifting, be trustworthy or anything else – take the time to make sure that your jingle incorporates all of these things.

4. Music influences your mood

Do you want people to feel excited about you, your product and what you’re offering them? Of course you do! Music touches us in so many different ways and it touches us like nothing else can. Use this to your advantage and create a jingle that lifts someone’s mood and gets them hyped up and interested in your advert. Let the music speak to your audience and to get them in the mood for it!

5. Jingles help with brand association

Brand association is really important. A well put together jingle offers customers and clients an easy, memorable and enjoyable way to learn more about what you have to offer and to remember and retain that information.

The right music and jingle can create an emotional connection and bond between you and your audience. This bond will only be as strong as your jingle is, and so do take the time to think hard about how you want to approach your jingle or intro, and make sure that it forms a key part to your overall advertising strategy.

So there you have my 5 reasons why jingles are a super important element to a successful advertising campaign. Would you like to explore things further? Want a custom jingle, intro or outro for your show or custom music for your advert? If so, perhaps I can help. Drop me a message to chat or check out my advertising or intro & jingles pages for some examples of music I've created for commercials, podcasts, shows and more!  


About the Author:

Ninichi is a freelance jingles composer, game music composer and film music composer. She has created theme tunes, intros and outros for various adverts, podcasts and shows, as well as composing original soundtracks to different indie games and films. Learn more about Ninichi here.

If you need help with music, contact her now to discuss your project and music needs.