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Earlier on this year I connected with Noelle Vestal, an enthusiastic gamer and talented artist who runs YouTube channel PennyBowtie. I was asked to create the outro jingle for this awesome channel and wanted to share it with you! I'm excited to be have had this interview with Noelle which offers you a little bit more information on what the YouTube channel is about, so let's get to know the person behind PennyBowtie...

Why have you decided to create a YouTube channel?


'To be honest it started out as a bit of a rebellious act toward a few family members because they think gaming is a waste of money. After a few months in I had started to go through some tough times, like my mother had passed away, and we had fought for my siblings custody with his biological father. It all happened so fast, and it was really rough but when I started to make videos and stream, even if it was just one or two people watching, it felt really good to know that people were interested in what I was doing. And even better it wasn't because of the game I was playing, or some fandom, They were there because they just wanted to relax and chill. It wasn't forced or 'sub 4 sub'. They were just there. I'm a people pleaser so it's nice to see others are having a good time :)'

Wow what a story! Thanks for sharing that. So, who would you say your YouTube channel is for?

'My channel is generally for everyone, but I did originally wanted it to be more kid friendly, until I realized most of my content started out with horror. So now it's more PG13 or T for Teen. But that's mostly for the games. As for the Speedpaints and the few songs/song covers I've uploaded.'

What sorts of content do you and will you be sharing?

'I really enjoy art and gaming, so that's what I've decided to upload. I particularly like the older games then the new ones that have been coming out. It seems to bring out more of a nostalgic feeling to watch someone play something older.'

How long has it been going for?

'Uhhh, I need to check that lol. And my channel says I've been at this for about 2 years. I feel old lol.'

How important is music to your videos (i.e. the intro / outro / background music etc)?

'I think music is a huge part of my videos, especially since I'm a mediocre gamer, so there's a whole lot of bloopers I manage to squeeze out of recordings. I just want my audience to feel happy, and have a place to chill and relax.'

It was great fun working on the outro for PennyBowtie. How was it for you :-p?

'I thought working with you was a good experience. You were very patient with me and honest. I can tell you're pretty passionate about what you do, so a 10/10 for me :)'

How very kind! Here's the outro, have a listen folks!

(Check out my intros & jingles section if you want to hear some other jingles and/or get some help with your own)

What's the plan for your YouTube Channel?

maiden of the sea's wind.png

'I think a big part of my channel that I want to plan later on when my channel has more attention is giveaways and charities. It's originally what I was thinking. I also want to be one of the few, (or the only?) Let's player who will play with random people, or other channels who are just starting out.'

How can we help you with everything?

'The amount of subscribers doesn't matter to me. (I sound so cheesy!). So long as there's at least one person who cares I'll keep going. I currently only have 137 subscribers. I originally thought I would only have 50 around this time. So I can't really complain.'

Is there anything else that we should watch out for? 

'I might be considering a new channel that's nothing but crafts that can be used everyday. Stuff like nerdy anime pins, clay figurines, and top hats. There will be many D.I.Y Top hats.'

That sounds different! We'll definitely be keeping an eye on you and what you get on up to YouTube. Where else can we find out more?

'I do art and other random stuff on twitter and Deviantart.

My Art:

My Twitter:'


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