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I was excited to get to know Mike a little while ago, whilst working on the podcast intro to his new show The Signal42. He was looking for a jingles music composer to work with to create a catchy jingle for his new show, and I was lucky to connect with him and to get working on it (see more of what I do!). As we worked together I discovered that The Signal42 is a wonderful podcast which explores a variety of life-related topics and it has a little something for everyone, which is why I'm delighted to share with you a little interview that I did with Mike to give us a bit more insight into the man behind the show!...

Who are you? Please introduce yourself and your show to us!

'My name is Mike or I am known as The Signal42 as well. I am just a normal guy that wanted to talk about the things I love in life. I enjoy the show a lot and the people I meet because of it.'

What's your channel about and what sorts of things do you cover? 

The Signal42logo.png

'My channel is about embracing the loves of your life. Embrace your obsessions. I talk about such things as comics, movies, video games, cosplay, and music. It is stuff that interests me and I try to share that stuff with people.' 

Ok great. Are you able to tell us who you think your show is for or perhaps what sorts of things we should watch out for on it?

'Well I started it for myself really but I guess it is for anyone that shares in my interests. People have diverse interests and I want my show to cover that stuff.'

What's the plan for your YouTube channel and how is it all going? 

'Well the plan is to grow the show as much as possible and have fun while doing it. So far it is going well and each episode has been a blast to record.' 

What do you think of the music for your show and what was it like - us working together on your podcast intros? 

'Music is very important to me. My intro I believe helps convey the attitude I want for the show. 

Working with you Ninichi, was awesome. You really cared about my music and was very quick with responses. My intro that I have now is one that I don’t think I could ever replace. It is now a staple of my show.'

Thanks so much for your thoughts Mike. It was awesome working with you too! Here's a little peak at the podcast intro to get us in the mood for your show!

(Check out my intros & jingles section if you want to hear some other jingles and/or get some help with your own)

Is there anything else you want to share with us or tell us about?

'Honestly not that I can think of. I just hope people try the show and like it. They are more than welcome to message me as well on twitter or Instagram.

Here's how to stay connected to Mike and his show The Signal42: is my show page and I am available on most platforms now. is my twitter and is my Instagram.


About the author: Ninichi is a freelance composer for games, film & media. She creates music in various styles and has created jingles / podcast intros / outros and theme tunes for many different shows as well as soundtracks for a variety of indie games and films.  Explore her recent jingle examplescontact Ninichi to commission her now.

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