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As a game music composer (see my stuff!), I work on the soundtracks to various indie games. However, I also get the opportunity (when I'm lucky!) to work with some amazing gamers and YouTubers too. The two guys that run the Let's Play channel - NoShoesGaming are certainly two folks to take notice of and that I really enjoyed creating some music for! They offer a fun-to-watch show on YouTube and here's my interview with them to help you get to know them better...

Who is NoShoesGaming?

'Well, "No Shoes", isn't so much one person, it's more along the lines of a crew of people. Our crew consists currently of 2 friends, Jake n' Josh, to combat the evil forces of boredom by making fools of ourselves in a hopeful, humerous way.'

Where did the Idea come from?


'When you come home from a long day of school, work, running errands, What is the first thing you do? You take off your shoes. The moment you take off your shoes you immediately start the process of relaxing and that is the reason behind the name. When you see the notification that a new "NoShoes episode is out" We want the subliminal thought of "time to relax with the crew" to go through your head.'

What are your plans for the show? 

'As of right now we are actually about to start a segment where we feature art from artists who could use a little help getting the word about their talent out. Here's the crazy part about that, it's absolutely free. All you need to do is ask us! Feel free to ask email us at "" and/or our twitter @noshoesgaming we'll be more than happy to talk to you!

We would also like to do more livestreams that way our viewers can get a chance to interact with us, but this one is still a work in progress because its a hassle to set everything to livestream and then back to regular recording.'

Why did you start 'No Shoes'?


'For the sake of having people enjoy watching us doing things we enjoy doing. A dream, if one would say so. But a dream that we hope will flourish into a reality. Is it the best show? No. Is it on the level of higher Content Creators such as GameGrumps or Markiplier for example? Far from it. But "ooh wee!" do we enjoy trying!'

What sorts of games do you play?

'We try not stick to only a specific genre by only a certain company. We'll play any game that we feel like playing. But you expect to see more of Nintendo when we don't know what to play.'

What else should we expect?

'Guys making fools of themselves, telling tales of days long past, longing for the joy we can bring to the viewer.'

Ok great! It sounds super fun! Now let's talk about the music. What role does music play in your show?

'You know that's a really good question. For a while we were using basic default studio music, then we decided on having our own personal music! And when we announced that we were looming for a partner to help us out that was when you swooped in and saved the day! Let us say this, if you aren't working with Ninichi, you need to fix that. She was super sweet and patient and will make stars burst in your eyes when you finally hear your music from her.

We also plan on (waaay into the future) composing tiny little tunes to play in the background of episodes...maybe.'

That sounds awesome! Here's the intro & outro jingles for those wanting to get in the mood!

(Check out my intros & jingles section if you want to hear some other jingles and/or get some help with your own)

Why should we tune in?

'Another great question, Ninichi! To be honest, you have to WANT to watch our show. We can't sit here and tell you why you should, its something you have to want to do. However, if you do enjoy seeing new faces in the "Let's Play" community then we would like to think that you will enjoy watching us. We've been compared to being like a "Jon and Arin", back when Jon was still on GameGrumps, dynamic. So if you really enjoyed that duo, we like to imagine you'll enjoy us!'

Amazing! Who wouldn't want to check it out? :-) So, what plans do you have for the show down the road?

'Honestly it's hard to pinpoint which direction the show is going to go, we have so many ideas its crazy. But honestly, we think its best not to look too far ahead, just enjoy what we have now and work on making it better each episode!

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your article Ninichi and thank you to everyone who has decided to stop by and watch our show. You guys are the reason we continue to make it, we love you all so much!

*Even though these art pieces are for us. We would still like to give credit to Haru__Kitsu for creating these for us. Please note these are by Haru__Kitsu*


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