Introducing the Web Series: Dr Glove's E.V.I.L Reviews

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This week, I'm super excited to introduce you to a brand new web series aimed at gamers and which promises to be highly entertaining and like no other series or show around! I feel honoured to have been a part of this project and to have created some 'gaming-style' music for this series, and are pleased to share this interview with the brains behind the project...

Please introduce yourself so that we know who you are!

'Hello everyone, my name is Edward Hughes, better and well known as KeikoandGilly, an intermediate YouTube voice actor with much to learn. I have done projects like Ace Attorney Dubs, MLP fan projects like Turnabout Storm and Doctor Whooves n Assistant, Thomas the Tank Engine re-dubs, and many more. I aspire to voice act for anime and games one day, but until then, if you need a good voice on your project, let me know, and I will be there to audition.'

What is your web series about?

'Code-named at conception as #projectevil, Dr. Glove's E.V.I.L. Reviews is about an 80's evil mastermind, Dr. Glove (reference to the power glove he's wearing) being the source of why subjectively bad video games are bad, with potential to branch into movies and television shows in the near future. The premise of the concept is a satire on video game reviews, with enjoyable experiences and good games get bad reviews, and terrible experiences and bad games get good reviews and higher scores.

From time to time, the show will have guest collaborators, who will play horrible games suggested by fans, or from the collaborators themselves, which will be featured as Dr Glove reacts to their live reaction.'

How did you come up with the concept for your show?

'It was a mix of two things:

I was inspired by the content delivered by Angry Video Game Nerd, AngryJoeShow, and Nostalgia Critic on how they did their reviews. Angry Joe uses an alter ego called "Corporate Commander", a spoof of Cobra Commander from an American cartoon series called G.I. Joe, but the character is rarely featured in favour of Joe's personal and intricate review. That was when I decided to create a memorable villain and centre the series around it.

The second is a response to over-saturation: of critics and let's play streamers. While my idea is not completely original, it comes as a rarity as YouTube is, in my humblest of opinions, oversaturated with video game critics, both tame and "Angry" (as AVGN was the start of this fad), and Let's Players such as Markiplier, DashieGames, PewDiePie, and JackSepticEye taking centre stage.

The result is that you see similar if not the same experiences from a multitude of sources, which can lead to entertainment boredom. By taking the concepts on their head, I hope the project is a fun and entertaining experience, one that promotes open collaboration with YouTube audiences.'

Who is the series for?

'I am trying to make the series accessible to everyone, including younger audiences, but the primary market is gamers and those that enjoy games. In doing so, I have to censor swear words or be creative with insulting phrases that mean nothing in particular (e.g. 'You Blubbard! That was my best ray gun!', 'Oh for the love of Evil!!!' Or 'Oh for evil's sake')'

What are your plans for the series?

'Depending on how the series goes, I hope it become a fun project that people enjoy to see as I enjoy making it, and with open collaboration, it will ensure the project is lively as ever. Should I be invited to conventions, I hope to acknowledge the success of the project not just to my idea, but humbly I give nod and acknowledgement to everyone who took part in making it what it is, that includes this blog's very own Ninichi!!!'

What part does music play in the web series and how important is it?

'The project has three vital components, of which are intertwined and interconnected. They are the visual, acting, and music. With the visual, you see the moving imagery and design from both the artwork assets, the game being played, and the characters that set the stage of the performance. Credit for much of the artwork goes to my dear colleagues HowlingVoice, and DreamofSerenity626, for their massive contributions to the setting and character, and the visual effects respectively.

With acting, it provides an experience to suspend disbelief and for the audience to be immersed in the experience.

In both, the music not only accompanies these two fields, but enhances them, which is why it is a very important part in its own right. Every successful YouTube and Internet personality has a memorable theme song, and this project is no different. Ninichi, whom I must give proper praise and credit for, delivered a memorable tune that leaves potential YouTube audience listeners hooked and hyped for the review, wanting to see the performance of Dr. Glove as he either praises or bashes their loathed or loved video game franchise, series, or product.

On top of this, and an amazing three minute version, she provided music for the background, of general mood and atmosphere, reflecting experiences that harken back to 80's cartoons and nostalgia, the mindset where the performance wishes to take the audience back to. Another colleague of mine, Maravex, provided the transition bgm, such as single-player, multiplayer, music, sounds. Together, the music makes a harmonious story in and of itself, which adds to the overall experience one gives to performance to the masses.'

That all sounds wonderful! Let's listen to some of the tracks that will appear in the series:

What was it like working with Ninichi?

'On the one side, very professional courteous, and mutually amicable. Throughout my experience working in collaboration with Ninichi, she demonstrated her abilities to manage the scope of the project's needs and adapt to any changes that were required and where necessary.

On the other side, and pardon me for being a bit too silly in hyperbole, she was an angel and blessing. When I made the announcement for a music artist being needed, it wasn't met well, initially. I feared it may have well gone to deaf ears. In desperation I made a twitter post, hoping it would garner some attention on the off chance, as I did not want this project to fail like some of my other designs.

And then, a mere day later, I get a follow and an interested Ninichi ready and willing to lift the project up with her music. So working for her is like two artists coming together to make a masterpiece, a wonderful experience from beginning to end, and hopefully for more works in future.'

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Introducing Gaming Channel: The Stone Zone

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Who are you and how long have you been interested in games?

'I have played video games my entire life. I had a rough childhood growing up and games were always my escape. I would put hours and hours into the games I played and always pushed myself to accomplish as much as I could in one game. It wasnt just about beating the game to me. I enjoy getting lost in the game as Im sure most gamers could agree!'

What made you decide to set up The Stone Zone & where has the name of your channel come from? 

The Stone Zone Pic.jpeg

'The channel name kind of originated from a couple different things. First off, my name is Preston which growing up my family always joked around and called me "Prestone" or "Stone" :D and some friends actually stuck with the name Stone and it sort of became a nick name for me. 

Now with that said, "The Stone Zone" originated from a very good friend of mine who came into my work one day, which I was just a dishwasher at a restaurant, and I basically had my own section where I worked and he made a comment about walking into "The Stone Zone" and it just kinda clicked. I liked the sound of it so I just stuck with it. A lot of people think it has to do with a "stoner" thing but the name has nothing to do with that. lol'

What kinds of things are you planning to cover? 

'On my YouTube channel, I mainly do Let's Plays and I do some unboxings for game themed products such as Limited editions of games like statue collectibles and such. I plan on sticking with those types of videos mainly, but I am sure I will add some other game related videos. '

Why should we watch your videos? 


'I'm not necessarily telling everyone to go watch my videos, I know some people may not like what I do and others will love it. It's ultimately up to the viewers to stick around and come back and watch. I'm just doing this for fun and sharing what I enjoy with the world. Of course i would love to have everyone come watch my videos and I will always try to keep things as entertaining as I can and I work hard to make sure my material looks as Professional as I can. All I can say, if you're into watching Let's Play channels, just come say hello and give my channel a shot! I try really hard to connect on a personal level with my viewers. '

What were you looking for in the intro music?

'It was hard to say exactly what I was looking for in the music, all i know is I wanted something that worked well with the animation and something that had a good vibe to it! I had a similar sound that I wanted that we used as a reference, but I wanted to make sure It didnt sound to alike. I wanted a unique audio track that would help keep the attention! '

What was it like working with me (Ninichi)?

'It was awesome working with Ninichi! She was very understanding with what I was looking for and she did everything she could to make sure that I got the sound I was looking for. She got the track done in a short time and was very communicative! '

(Check out my intros & jingles section if you want to hear some other jingles and/or get some help with your own)

How are you planning to grow your audience/channel? 

'The main way I plan on growing my channels, basically just continue uploading as much as I can while making sure the quality is professional and let the viewers just decide if they like what they see. Now obviously I promote my channel on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and I try to continue sharing it around as much as I can. Either way, I will continue uploading videos whether people are watching or not because again, this is something I enjoy doing! :)'

Where can we find out more?

'You can find more information on my main social media page on twitter which is just @StoneZoneGaming. I am constantly posting on Twitter and it has links to all of my channels including my Twitch channel: which is currently my main focus!

StoneZoneGaming on Youtube:'

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