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Who are you and what is your game about?

'Sheepwith is a homage to cave flyers with a twist - you fly a one  seated plane that has a rope attached to it. With it you can pick up and transfer objects and animals.  The main object of the game is to save sheep to their pens and fly the plane safely to a home hangar.

Robber Docks is essentially me (Ike Lindell) and Sheepwith has been my solo project'

What has the process been like & do you have any tips for other game developers?

'When I was a kid I played this game called Sopwith made in 1984 by David L. Clark. I enjoyed it so much I've started making more than a few Sopwith Camel flying games since.

Sheepwith started as what was supposed to be a small weekend project. I made a prototype of a plane that could pick up sheep with a rope and it seemed like it could be something. After developing from there it started getting positive comments on Twitter which gave me more inspiration to continue making it bigger and better.

What has been working well for Sheepwith is redoing the same stuff. Most of the time when you redo an asset it can only become better so don't be afraid of ruining your progress so far. Although this has given me good results, it's always important to save multiple backups.'

What makes your game different?

'If all goes well cute animals, fun gameplay and catchy music will win  the game for Sheepwith and attract the attention it deserves. I've directed my focus in creating fun and challenging levels delivering excitement and fun for multiple hours.'

What is the music like in your game?

'After much consideration I decided Sheepwith would have funk to accompany player's flight. Funk has the groove that a good flying game needs. I'm working with a familiar musician who's composing away to bring fun and catchy music for Sheepwith and for your enjoyment.'

What do you think of game music generally? Any favourites?

'I was born in the '80s so many of my favorite soundtracks from my childhood games are considered retro today. I enjoyed music from Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, Mega Man, Lost Vikings etc.

When I draw game graphics I usually listen to music to get the creativity flowing. For Sheepwith that plays old school chiptune music has been playing and inspiring in the background a lot.'

How will you market your game?

'As we can't really afford to spend on traditional marketing, every retweet, mention and post helps bring Sheepwith to the players. We plan on contacting YouTubers, web columnists and websites asking about their interest in writing about or streaming Sheepwith.'

Where can we get the game and why should we play it?

'The game has been released and is available at: 

If you like planes, fun gameplay, colorful scenery and cute animals,  you'll love Sheepwith!'

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